ADL400/C 3 Phase Energy Meter for IOT Platform Electricity Consumption Monitoring

● Measures active kWh (positive and negative), Reactive kWh (positive and negative), U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, etc.
● Communication: RS485(Modbus-RTU)
● Harmonic on 2nd-31st
● Multi tariff
● Max demand and and occurrence time
● Frozen data on last 48 months, last 90 days
● Accuracy:Class 0.5
● Active pulse output
● 12 bits section LCD display, background light
● 3 keys to communication and set parameters
● Rated voltage: 3×100V, 3×380V, 3×57.7/100V, 3×220/380V
● Rated current: 3×1(6)A, 3×10(80)A
● Standard&Certificate: MID; CE; IEC

Product Detail

Technical Parameter


3 Phase Energy Meter

Multi tariff Function, RS485(Modbus-RTU) Communication, Din rail mounted, etc.


        ADL400 is a smart meter designed for power supply system, industrial and mining enterprises and utilities to calculate the electricity consumption and manage the electric demand. It features the high precision, small size and simple installation. It integrates the measurement of all electrical parameters with the comprehensive electricity metering and management provides various data on previous 48 months, checks the 31st harmonic content and the total harmonic content. It is fitted with RS485 communication port and adapted to MODBUS-RTU .ADL400 can be used in all kinds of control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems. The meter meet the related technical requirements of electricity meter in the IEC62053-21standards.

meter 3 phase

Coding Rule

din rail energy meter


three phase electric meter




● 3 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 4 wires

● Rated voltage: AC 3×100V, 3×380V, 3×57.7/100V, 3×220/380V;

● Rated current: 3×1(6)A, or 3×10(80)A

● Accuracy: 0.5

● Communication: RS485(Modbus-RTU), Infrared communication

Electricity Data Measurement

● kWh  (positive and negative)

● kVarh (positive and negative)

● U, I, P, Q, S, PF, Hz, etc.

● A, B, C phase positive active kWh

● 2~31ST Voltage and current harmonic(optional)

● Multi tariff: Adapt 4 time zones, 2 time interval lists,

14 time interval by day and 4 tariff rates(optional)

● Max demanded kWh and time happened(optional)


● Frozen data on last 48 months, last 90 days(optional)

● Energy pulse output: 1 active photocoupler output

● Key programming: 3 keys to communication and set parameters 

● Starting current: Direct connect: 0.004Ib

● Connect via CT: 0.001ln

● Standard&Certificate: MID; CE; IEC




● Display: 8 digits display U, I, P, Q, PF, kWh and other energy consumption

● Frequency: 45-65Hz

● Mounted: DIN 35mm

● Pulse constant: 400imp/kWh,1000imp/kWh

● Baud rate: 1200bps~19200bps

● Clock: ≤0.5s/d


smart meter system
electrical measuring instrument


3 phase smart meter
3 phase kwh meter

3-phase 3-wire(current direct access)

meter 3 phase

3-phase 3-wire (current connected via CT)


IOT platform


Q: What’s the difference of current input via direct connect or via CTs?

A: Normally, for 3-phase loads with rated current below 80A AC, we will use model of ADL400 whose current input is via direct connect. Specs of “Rated Current: 10(80)A AC” was aimed for this model of ADL400 (current input via direct connect). 10 means basic current is 10A AC, 80 means rated current input is 80A AC.

And for 3-phase loads with rated current over 80A AC, we will use model of ADL400 whose current input is via CTs (usually paired with -/5A CTs whose secondary current output is with 5A AC rated current output). Specs of “Rated Current: 1(6)A AC” was aimed for this model of ADL400 (current input via CTs). 1 means basic current is 1A AC, 6 means max current input is 6A AC.


Q: Do your company also have paired CTs for ADL400?

A: Usually, we will recommend our user to use split-core CTs called AKH-0.66/K K-φ Series or solid-core CTs called AKH-0.66/I Series to the paired with ADL400 (current input via CTs)


Q: How can I set the CT or PT ratio of ADL400?

A: Current ratio of ADL400 could be set by using the keypads on ADL400 and following the instruction of ADL400 manual. Also, setting need to be according to the CTs or PTs ratio which were paired with ADL400. For example, if the current input is via 250A/5A CTs, the CT ratio on ADL400 should be set to 250/5=50. And if the voltage input is via direct connect, PT ratio on ADL400 should be set to 1. When the problem hasn’t been solved, please contact us for help.


Q: Could ADL400 be used in IoT Energy Monitoring System for factory or building?

A: ADL400 has standard RS485 interface and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol which allow it to be integrate with our IoT Energy Monitor Solution that can enable our users to remotely check all the data collect by energy meters like ADL400 on their mobile phone or PC. For more information, please Contact us or check in IoT Energy Monitoring Solution Introduction.


Q: What is Multi-rate/tariff function? How does it work?

A: First,multi-rate/tariff function was designed to be used for billing system. Second, the electricity price of different time duration in a day is different in some country.

Energy meter with this function can measure the kwh data and assign them to several time duration in a day and put a label of spike/peak/flat/valley kwh on them respectively. And if such energy meter was connected to the billing system by using a IoT gateway, it can send the kwh data of different time duration which was with the label of spike/peak/flat/valley kwh to the billing system for calculating the electricity bill of different time duration in a day.

For example, the electricity price of spike kwh is 5 USD/1 kwh, and time duration of from 9:00 am to 11:30 am was labeled as spike kwh.
Then, if energy meter record 3 kwh used in total during 9:00 am to 11:30 am, it will send the data of 3 kwh with the label of spike kwh to the billing system, and the system calculate the electricity cost of 3x5=15USD in total from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.

Other Question? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Specification
    3 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 4 wires
    Reference voltage
    3×100V、 3×380V、3×57.7/100V、 3×220/380V
    <10VA(Single phase)
    Accuracy class
    Input current
    <1VA(Single phase rated current)
    Accuracy class
    Active, reactive, apparent power, error±0.5℅
    45~65Hz, Error±0.2%
    Active energy(Accuracy class:0.5), reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)
    Energy pulse output
    1 active optocoupler output
    Width of pulse
    Pulse constant
    400imp/kWh,10000imp/kWh(Correspond with the basic current)
    Interface and communication
    Range of communication address

    Modbus RTU:1~ 247;

    Baud rate
    Relative temperature
    Relative humidity
    ≤95℅(No condensation)

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