ADW200 Series Multi Channel Energy Meter

● Mearsure Up to 4 circuit 3 phase
● Mearsure all electric parameters
● Split core open loop CTs
● External function module, such as MK(switching inputs and outputs),MTL(temperature measurement and leakage current measurement), AWT100(wireless communication)





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Product Detail

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ADW210 series rail type multi-loop power meters are mainly used for measuring the full electric parameters of multiple three-phase circuits,Up to four three-phase loop current inputs can be connected simultaneously.It Can measure voltage and current, power, power factor, phase angle, unbalance, harmonic and other parameters.

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    note: It is recommend that the distance between AKH-0.66/K- ∅ 10N installation postion and the primary side transformer should be more than 1 meter.

    Product function and Technical parameter
    1 Product function
    * Full electric parameter measurement of N(1,2,3,4) three-phase circuit,externalCurrent transformer;
    * Monitoring three Phase Voltage/Current、Zero sequence Current、Frequency;
    * Monitoring three Phase power 、total power (active、reactive、apparent);
    * Monitoring three Phase power-factor、totalpower-factor;
    * Monitoring Voltage/Current Phase Angle、Voltage/Current Degree of unbalance;
    * Monitoring Voltage、Current total Harmonic and 2-31 Fractional harmonics;
    * Record of voltage、current and power extremum of current month and last month;
    * Maximum Current、Maximum power demand and real time Current、real time power demand;
    * 200 event records,Record the action of DIDO;
    * Support over-voltage, over-current, phase failure,DI linkage and other alarm output;
    * 4 time zones 14Periods rate setting;
    * Four quadrant electric energy,12-month multi rate electric energy;
    * 31 days four quadrant and multi rate electric energy freezing,Positive and negative energy metering;
    * 2 channel Switching inputs、2 channel Switching outputs、RS485、Active pulse output(Switchable corresponding
    The following auxiliary functions can be extended through its RJ45 interface:
    * (MK) 12 channel Switching inputs+4 channel Switching outputs;
    * (MTL) 12 channel external NTC temperature +4 channel residual current measurement (leakage
    * (AWT100-2G) 2G Wireless Communication
    * (AWT100-4G) 4G Wireless Communication
    * (AWT100-NB) NB-IoT Wireless Communication
    * (AWT100-LoRa) LoRa Wireless Communication
    * (AWT100-LW) LoRaWAN Wireless Communication


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