• Base Station DC Energy Meter

    Base Station DC Energy Meter

    ●DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC
    ●Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%
    ●LED display
    ●DIN 35 mm
  • AMC16-DETT Base Station DC Energy Meter

    AMC16-DETT Base Station DC Energy Meter

    ● DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC
    ● DC current: 6 channels hall sensors
    ● Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%
    ● RS485(MODBUS-RTU)
    ● LED display
    ● DIN 35 mm
  • DC Energy Meter PZ72(L)-DE

    DC Energy Meter PZ72(L)-DE

    ●Measure voltage, current, power, forward and reverse power in DC system
    ●Local display
    ●Set parameters
    ●DI/DO, Relay alarm output
    ●Applications:DC panels, solar power, telecommunications base stations, and charging posts
  • Rail-mounted DC power meter

    Rail-mounted DC power meter

    ●Voltage input:DC0-1000V
    ●Current input:DC0-5V/0-20mA/4-20mA/75mV
    ●Set parameters
    ●LCD display
    ●kWh Class 0.5
    ●DIN 35 mm



  • Inverter Monitoring Energy Meter

    Inverter Monitoring Energy Meter

    ●Type: AGF-AE/D200
    ●Single phase three wire
    ●Rated voltage: AC 120V/208V,240V(88%~110%)
    ●Rated current: AC 100A , 200A
    ●Application: inverters in Australia, Europe, North America and other areas
    ●DIN 35 mm